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OJSC “Pinsk Meat-Packing Plant” is one of the largest enterprises of food industry in Brest region. Its history began in November, 1939.


Assortment and quantity of produced goods was negligible. Working conditions were primitive, manual labor predominated, production areas of the enterprise didn’t allow to make technical re-equipping of the enterprise.




Growth of population of the town Pinsk and its need for meat and meat products required expansion of production areas, increase of production of meat products of wide range.



After strengthening of the manufacturing base, growth of scientific and production capacity, the company switched to producing competitive high quality products.


Since 1985 the company has been constantly increasing production output, powerful technical base was created, highly professional personnel was picked up, intellectual potential was accumulated.


In 1995 a new abattoir building was built, that allowed to increase a meat capacity up to 60 tons/shift (before the construction of a new abattoir building capacity of the workshop was 15 tons/shift), to install modern high-performance equipment for primary processing of livestock, to improve product quality, to improve working conditions, to install modern high-capacity equipment on primary cattle processing to increase output of products, to improve industrial hygiene.


In 1999 reconstruction of ammonium compressor with the station of circulating water supply was finished, which made it possible to improve conditions of meat and meat products storage in necessary technological regimes, to increase the quality of products during storage process.


In 2009 the company put into operation the own boiler house, which made it possible to ensure all production workshops with necessary quantity of steam to observe production technology.

Workshop for production of pork baked smoked and cooked smoked goods was built at its own cost (on the base of available areas) and equipped with modern efficient equipment. This made it possible to increase output of products seven times, also to improve quality of produced goods.

For improvement of products quality the out-of-date equipment is constantly being replaced by modern high efficiency equipment.

Thus, to improve products quality, hygiene rules and regulations at manufacture of sausage and smoked meat products, heat chambers with auto control were installed.


OJSC "Pinsk Meat-Packing Plant" consists of the manufacture, which is located in the western part of Pinsk, five branded stores and two pavilion in Pinsk, one branded store in the town of Stolin, trade pavilion in the town of Ivanovo and in ag. Zhidche, also a dining room for 96 seats.

There are also public health and dental stations at the plant.


Company’s territory covers area of 10.77 ha.

Every day Pinsk meat processing plant processes 80 tons of meat and offal, produces 45 tons of sausages and 15 tons of meat semi-finished products.

In 2006 agricultural enterprise - branch "Nevel" located in Pinsk district (occupying the area of 5227 ha) joined the meat plant.



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225710, Republic of Belarus

Brest region, Pinsk, Industrialnaya Str., 1

Tel.: (+375 165) 64 38 47, tel./fax: 64 17 25

E-mail: info@pikant.by

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