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Basic Directions of Products Output

OJSC «Pinsk Meat-Packing Plant» is specialized in production of meat products and products after cattle processing. Basic kinds of produced goods are:


  • meat and by-products;
  • raw tallow;
  • rendered food animal fats;
  • edible albumin;
  • endocrine and enzyme raw materials;
  • semi-finished products for animal feeding;
  • cooked sausages;
  • sausages;
  • smoked sausages;
  • cooked smoked sausages salami;
  • raw-smoked and raw-dried sausages;
  • pork and beef products;
  • salted pork fat products;
  • poultry products;
  • by-products.
  • large-sized, small-sized and portional natural boneless  and meat and bone  semi-finished goods;
  • minced meats;
  • chopped semi-finished goods;
  • semi-finished goods from meat and by-products (sets);
  • pelmeni;
  • pierogi;
  • fresh sausages;
  • semi-finished ready-to-cook products;
  • products in jelly.



On a voluntary basis certification of the following systems is made:


1-ISO 9001-2009

management quality system

according to the requirements

STB (Standards of the Republic of Belarus)

ISO 9001-2009 (the year 2009);


management quality and food safety system

on the basis of Hazard Analysis and Critical

Control Points  (НАССР) according to the

requirements STB 1470-2004 (the year 2005);

3-ISO 14001-2005



environmental management system in

accordance with the requirements

STB ISO 14001-2005 (the year 2006);





safety management system in

accordancewith the requirements

STB 18001-2009 (the year 2009);


5-ISO 22000

management food safety system in

accordance with the requirements

STB ISO 22000 (the year 2010).

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